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Sheet Society

Shooting with Sheet Society is always a pleasure, not only because they’re a great bunch of people, but also because they understand the power of lighting. Within the bedroom environment, they know it can create a powerful mood and, in turn, instantly sell the feeling their customers are after.

In each job we shoot with them, lighting is a key tool in the brief based on the product and its importance in the customers’ everyday life. Whether it’s for calm weekends, cozy nights, bright bathrooms, or even the need to touch the fabric, together we set the ideal environment that aligns with each product and how the customer desires to live with it.

Looking to enhance your brand’s content with the perfect scene-setting lighting? Let us help you create captivating imagery that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand presence.

Photography: Kirsty Owen

Retouching: Cubed Studio

Client: Sheet Society

Lighting and Bling Bar

We take lighting pretty seriously here at Cubed, as we know it’s a key element for creating engaging imagery and selling your brand’s product and story.  For products like jewellery getting the highlights, shadows, and shine in just the right place can be what really makes makes your pieces not only stand out from the competition but also elevate it’s value. 

Photographer: Jess Garcia

HMU: Kat Bardsley

Client: Bling Bar

Retouched and shot here in our Cremorne Studio.

Giorgio Armani | Etihad | ESPA | Buzz Products

We were thrilled to have photographed this campaign for Buzz Products for their partnership with Etihad, Giorgio Armani, and Espa Skincare here in our Melbourne Studio. The collaboration has had a lot of media attention since its launch last month. 

Natural materials, textured surfaces and dramatically soft
lighting were combined to promote the luxury range with understated elegance.

Congratulations to our long-term client, Buzz for creating such a notable campaign.

Photography: Kirsty Owen @_kirstyowen
Studio + Retouching: Cubed Studio

@etihad   @espaskincare    @buzzproducts   European Spa

Meet The Cubed Team: Photographer Jessica Ann Garcia

Sir @ Vivien’s Model Management photographed by Jess Garcia

Ever wondered who creates all the amazing content you see on our channels? At Cubed, we don’t just value beautiful photography, but also the people that make the magic happen behind the scenes.

One of those creative minds is photographer and retoucher Jessica Garcia, who has been with Cubed Studio since the start of her journey as a professional photographer almost five years ago when she completed her Bachelor of Media of Communication (Photography) at RMIT University.
She places herself where art and fashion photography merge, constantly evolving her vision and style through playing with different realities. For Jessica this intersection lets the whole team exercise their creative juice while producing unique concepts and worlds that the audience can be brought into. Outside of her personal journey as a visual artist, Jessica’s fashion photography work includes brands like CoreprêtSportsgirlKookaiDottiSleeping with JacquesKyha Studios and SUK Workwear.
To get to know Jess better, have a read through this mini Q&A we got up to during lockdown and enjoy some of her favourite imagery below (click for full size images).

When did you first realise you wanted to get into photography?
I got into photography when I was 15. I don’t think it came from seeing a particular artist or image, I just had this little pocket lumix camera that I would take photos with when I was bored. I also grew up during the peak Tumblr era, so I was taking photos to try and get tumblr famous (didn’t work, obviously haha). I was unintentionally building up skills through this little hobby and eventually realised I could make this into a career.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? What sort of imagery do you find the most evocative?
I try to consume as much as I can. I mainly do so to be able to understand the world a little better, and if any inspiration comes from that, then that’s a bonus. In terms of evocative imagery, I find the use of colour really important when done right. It is something I’m still trying to figure out. The last thing that really got to me was James Robinson’s documentary on their mother’s experience growing up in the Philippines (called Inang Maynila). I was so affected by it because I never pictured the Philippines as beautiful as the way Robinson shot it. Colour can be so powerful in conveying emotions, and I want to be able to develop on that.

How do you see yourself evolving as a creative in the future?
I see myself moving into an art based practice, exploring and expanding into different creative fields that will allow me to strengthen my storytelling abilities - mainly through collage, painting, filmmaking or even illustration.

Knowing what you know today, what advice would you give to a starting photographer or your younger self?Super cheesy, but be true to yourself and your style. You will find that outside forces, especially social media, will make you second guess whether or not your work is good enough. You will constantly compare yourself to other creatives. You will crave the validation social media will give you, and if it doesn’t, you will be thinking about how you can change your work to please your audience. You might lose yourself to it, and if you do, please try to remember that the art you make is for you, first. Everything else can come in second. If you enjoy it and are proud of it, then that’s all that really matters.

Let’s end this on a fun note! What is something no one really knows about you?
Before I wanted to become a photographer, I wanted to be a jazz trumpet player… lol!

Creative branding campaign for Great Wrap

Proud to present a creative branding shoot we did for yet another new local business, Great Wrap.

At Cubed, we love working with labels that care about the environment, as we try to do our best on minimising our waste as a business.

For this campaign, we focused on capturing the colourful, fresh and all-natural identity of the brand while showcasing that Great Wrap, aside from being the only compostable Australian cling wrap, is also stronger than conventional plastic wraps.

Great Wrap is made by diverting food waste -potato waste specifically- from landfill and converting it into the main raw ingredient. This means a lot less methane in the atmosphere.

Best one yet? It takes less than 180 days to break down into carbon and water in your compost pile. It does the job just as good and you won’t be feeling guilty for using it.

Shot by Ross Campbell and styled by Natasha Cuenca at Cubed Studio.

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Goodbye Hey Tiger

Thank you for all the sweetness and the great times’ Hey Tiger. We’ve had some of our most fun and creative moments with you. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such an amazing team of humans that gave new meaning to the term ‘social enterprise’. We already miss you!

Sportsgirl Sweats and Puffers

The fashion world is crushing on pastels and forest greens this season and Sportsgirl’s new sweats line was an absolute pleasure to shoot.

Styled by Jam Baylon and Kate Rees on Aleisha Scanlon, with Bradwyn Jones on hair and makeup, the new loungewear capsule was photographed by Scott Newett at Cubed Studio. 

Our goal at Cubed Studio is to always add an extra kick to our ecommerce shoots, providing our clients with a variety of  poses and moods for an elevated final product collection.

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E-commerce shoot for KOOKAÏ Australia AW2021

Presenting a selection of favourite looks from a recent e-commerce shoot for one of our long-standing clients, KOOKAÏ, photographed by Fraser Marsden at Cubed Studio.

Worn by Mila Mary at Chadwick Models, the winter classics collection features beautiful and practical female wardrobe essentials the likes of knitwear, leather jackets and pants, denim flares and skinny jeans. The AW2021 line includes other KOOKAÏ staples in new styles such as skivvy dresses, turtlenecks, pantsuits, fleeces, hoodies, boots, heels and more.

*Hair and makeup for the shoot was done by Tahlia Jayde.

Campaign shoot for Melbourne jewellery label Made by Charlie

Introducing ‘Venus’, a collection designed by Melbourne label Made by Charlie, photographed by Jesper Hede and assisted by Lukas White at Cubed Studio.

This jewellery line, aspires to offer something for everyone, with individuality at its core. Celebrating similarities and differences of the female form and thus the shapes and imperfections it inspires the new Made by Charlie collection is  captured on model Debbie, represented by Stone Street Agency.

Everything created by Charlie is handmade on sterling silver and solid gold featuring ethically sourced materials. Made by Charlie uses smooth, irregular shaped Keshi pearls and lab precious stones as well as selected one-off gems.

The campaign shoot was styled by Netta Talmi and Chloe Rose worked on hair and makeup. 

Still life campaign for Laminex - Living Pigments Collection

A flavour from our recent still life shoot featuring Laminex’s new Living Pigments Decor line, drawing inspiration from the earth, and from the plants that grow in it. 

Shot by Scott Newett and styled by Nat James at Cubed Studio, this photography series plays with the narrative of modern minimalism meeting nature.

Focusing on the expressiveness of light against different textures and shapes, we tell a story though colour; the Laminex sunburnt hues of ochre and terracotta; the bleached, sandy tones of beaches and deserts; and full-bodied greens evocative of forests and foliage.

The collection heroes seven new colours for decor: Hushed Pine, Olivine, Pale Honey, Burnt Ochre, Moroccan Clay, Kalamata, Porcelain Blush.

Ettitude Store - still life

A still-life photography series shot at Cubed Studio for ettitude store, styled by Nat Turnbull.

In this series we explore minimalism and softness in alignment with the brand’s environmentally conscious identity. 

The Melbourne-based bedding and sleepwear brand creates sheets made from 100 per cent organic and vegan bamboo lyocell, which requires five times less water than cotton to manufacture; a world-first.
The fabric wicks away moisture and neutralises odour by being breathable while it feels like silk.

For this series, we complimented ettitude’s sleep and bath products by featuring the natural elements the brand’s philosophy is focused on. 

Vis 2.0 Lite social media shoot for Crumpler

Taking social media content photography to a whole new level for one of our longest-standing client relationships, Crumpler, a brand born on the streets of Melbourne and designed to last a lifetime.

Shot and retouched by Cubed Studio and styled by Jam Baylon we structured the creative concept around this product’s core characteristic, weightlessness.  

Crumpler’s most stylish luggage collection to date, the VIS 2.0 Lite series other than lightweight, remains fully reliable and with a unique look, becomes the ultimate travel companion for any trip near or far. 

Photographer Ross Campbell perfectly captures every design detail, from the silent Hinomoto wheels to the TSA approved lock keeping the contents of your luggage safe. 

Twoobs AW 2020 Campaign

Presenting one of our favourite and most unique campaigns to date, “Grandma Fanny’s Blingo Crew” for Vegan kinda footwear brand, Twoobs.
 ⠀ ⠀

Twoobs, an environmentally conscious, ethical label from Melbourne creates cool but comfortable shoes made with kindness and based on a business model that gives back to the community.

This collection pays homage to the effortlessly stylish female icons of our time and timeless, ageless style. 

The campaign features model Heather from SilverFox Management shot by Jesper Hede at Cubed Studio.  Styling and art direction by Kristy Barros with hair and makeup by Kat Bardsley

Sportsgirl Denim Story

New work for one of our longest standing clients, Sportsgirl, introducing their Wide Leg Jean on Paige Henry from Chadwick Models

The new denim line, also featuring jackets, skirts, baggy and mom jeans has a total vintage feel that suits every season and every day of the week.

Affordable, made to last and fit just right, the new Sportsgirl denim line will become a staple of your wardrobe. 

Photography and retouching by Scott Newett at Cubed Studio, styling by Jam Baylon, hair & makeup by Kat Bardsley. 

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