About Cubed Studio

Cubed Studio is an online image specialist. Our mission is to shoot product beautifully. Whatever your product, we can photograph it.

With over 15 years experience in the industry, director Scott Newett leads a dynamic team of design savvy freelancers. This stable of talent, committed to work of the highest standard, enables the ideal blend of expertise to be selected for each project.

Scott Newett carved out his prolific career in the world of advertising, realising the commercial visions for a plethora of iconic brands. A portfolio including Smirnoff, Bundaberg Rum, Tooheys, James Boags, Haagen Daaz, Lexus, Cadbury, Heineken, Coca Cola and Carlsberg, demonstrates Newett’s appreciation for the fine balance of commercial creativity.

Our Cubed Studio team are committed to delivering distinction for each client they work with. With keen technical abilities, relaxed personalities and a professional approach, we are highly sought after for our quality end product and ability to work within client timelines.

At Cubed Studio, we currently produce more than 4000 images per month for other suppliers. The images we produce are seamless and consistent across a broad range of subjects. We are very proud that we currently have a 0% return for re-shoot rate.

Please feel free to get in touch with us on how we can help with your imagery.

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